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560_Braedstrup1 Ashwell Engineering Limited is a subsidiary of Eurowater and since 1936, the name EUROWATER has been synonymous with high quality and great commitment to water treatment. We have gone all the way and have adapted to changing statutory requirements and demands from our customers. We are continously involved in building new waterworks and in addition, we make use of our experiences in optimizing the operation of existing water supplies and in extension and renovation projects. Please contact our local office for further information.
Purification of water

Pure drinking water

Many waterworks, households, and companies have problems with a number of natural salts and organic substances, particles, and gasses which can be found in the ground water. In order to start the necessary precipitation processes, the water needs to be oxidized and aerated with atmospheric air. An integrated oxydation and spraying system ensures optimum oxydation at the right time in the filtration process.  
Purification of water


We offer complete solutions for smaller and large water supplies, public as well as private.
Purification of water

Own bore well?

Many farms, houses, and companies are situated in places which make connection to a bigger, communal waterworks unsuitable. We can establish a non-public water supply plant based on ground water.