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Thanks to a wide product range, many years' experience, and great commitment, Ashwell Engineering limited can solve problems within a vast number of industries and scopes of application such as drinking water, process water, boiler water, district heating water, cooling water, and rinse water.

The list is by no means complete. Please contact us for further information on solutions for your industry and the setup needed.


Ashwell Engineering limited uses EUROWATER's pressure filter plants and they are a main part of our water treatment solutions. We have many references and service agreements within the field of water supply. We believe that this reflects our experience and level of quality.

Why treat raw water?

The raw water which is pumped up through bore wells in most cases has a low level of oxygen. On the other hand, it contains a considerable amount of carbon dioxide (CO2). Often, the water also contains large amounts of iron and manganese. The quality of the raw water determines the complexity of the water treatment. Ashwell Engineering Limited offers a complete treatment of the water.  

Manual or automatic pressure filter

Our mother company-EUROWATER produces two types of pressure filters, a manual type NS and an automatic type277x277_high_ns_nsb NSB. The NS is particularly suitable for small and middle-sized drinking water supplies which wish to make manual rinsings. The filter typically needs rinsing 1-2 times a week. The automatic pressure filter, NSB, is used in larger water supplies or if one does not want to make manual backwashes. The control panel makes it easy to program when the filter rinses. If the water consumption increases or if the character of the raw water changes, it is easy to re-program the panel so that it adapts to the new conditions.