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Process water is a common name for water which can not be classified as drinking water and which is used in connection with technical plants and processes in production companies, heat and power plants, and institutions. Process water has undergone a more extensive treatment, e.g. softening and demineralization.

Industrial water treatment

Probably every manufactured product uses water during some part of the production process. Industrial water use includes water used for such purposes as fabricating, processing, washing, diluting, cooling, or transporting a product, incorporating water into a product, or for sanitation needs within the manufacturing facility. Some industries which use large amounts of water produce commodities such as food and beverage, paper, chemicals, refined petroleum, or primary metals. The commercial water-use category is important because, without it, we would not have any steak restaurants, pizza houses, chicken shacks, and other eateries. Along with the eateries, commercial water supplies supply motels, offices, prisons, military institutions, etc. On the strength of a broad product range, many years' experience, and a great commitment, Ashwell Engineering limited is in a position to carry out projects within innumerable fields of application - traditional as well as special.

Water for humidification

The graphic industry, the wood industry, fruits and vegetables, and the textile industry are all areas in which maintaining a good indoor climate through humidification is of great importance. The aim of humidification is uniform product quality, high production velocity, and perfect indoor climate with constant temperature and 277x150_Vand_til_luftbefugtning_Stibocomfortable air humidity. Through humidification, inconveniences such as dust deposits, static electricity, and dry mucous membranes are avoided.

Demineralized water

Reliable and optimum humidification with mimimum maintenance requires demineralized water. This can either be produced by means of a demineralization plant (ion exchange) or an RO plant (membrane filtration).

Minimum maintenance

Ashwell’s plants are very reliable and require mimimum maintenance. Furthermore, we offer service agreements to ensure that your plant always runs efficiently and that unforeseen problems are solved quickly and efficiently.

Cooling water

Open loop systems are the most widely used system and examples of this are cooling towers and evaporative condensers. At the same time, water treatment is most prevalent in connection with open loop systems. Water treatment is carried out in order to minimize scaling and deposits, fouling, corrosion, and biological growth.Novo_Nordisk_dk

Complete solutions

An optimum cooling water solution is achieved by continuous drainage of correct water volume, softening of make-up water, partial stream filtration, and correct dosing of polyphosphate and hypochlorite respectively. Ashwell Engineering Limited is in a position to deliver complete solutions for your task.

Optimum economy

A correct treatment of cooling water gives optimum service conditions and extends the life of the cooling system significantly. Ashwell Engineering Limited has wide experience in supplying reliable and safe solutions to achieve efficient cooling water systems.

Rinse water

Production and reuse of rinse water at German manufacturer of float-glass. Complex work processes, high production rates, and advanced products make heavy demands on the rinse water quality. Often, reuse (recirculation) of water is a great economic advantage. Reuse is especially favourable when the rinse water becomes polluted during the process and thus requires wastewater treatment prior to discharge.Interpane_de

Large product range

We have both the knowledge and the equipment you need for designing a new rinse water system or modifying an existing system. In most cases, reuse of water requires use of membrane technology and ion exchange, filtration, dosing, and ultraviolet (UV) exposure.

Wide experience

Ashwell Engineering limited has carried out projects on rinse water within such industries as pharmaceuticals, biotechnics, electronics, glass, plastics, and electroplating. Also in fields like breweries, hospitals, and laboratories, Ashwell Engineering limited has a wide experience with rinse water projects.

Ingredient water

Even the best potable water quality can cause problems when the water is to be used directly in products. Producers of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals, as well as breweries and dairies are good examples of enterprises which require additional or alternative water treatment methods.

Custom-made treatment Inorganic salts and humus are removed through membrane filtration or ion exchange. The micro-organism content in the water is reduced or completely removed through filtration and ultraviolet (UV) exposure. A correctly combined water treatment plant contributes to bringing about the products’ optimum quality, conservability, and appearance.


Ashwell Engineering limited supplies complete solutions for ingredient water projects within almost all industries. Our experienced technicians assist you with design, documentation, and installation. Please contact your local office for more information.